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Liqun recreational cigarette authentic or fictitious how, Liqun recreational true and false consideration chart right away

Liqun (leisure) is supposed to be to Liqun's "leisure" chain, and Liqun (leisure) is definitely the main specification belonging to  the leisure community. Liqun (Leisure) cigs, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons commonly often called "Silver Recreational Liqun", retail for pretty much 100 yuan an important pack so are very well known. Xiaobian collated around Liqun Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online recreational cigarettes authentic or false within the relevant arrival, the immediately after follow Xiaobian to find out it mutually.

Leisure make money group authentic and fictitious identification way

Article 1. Wholesale Cigarettes Store That box

1) See-thorugh paper, the actual Licun (leisure) cosmetic transparent pieces of paper is soft and wash, with soft feel and even high openness; And fraudulent smoke see-thorugh paper is known for a lag believe, the transparency belonging to the relative realistic smoke to help you poor.

2) That sealing host to the see-thorugh paper. The sealing host to the see-thorugh paper belonging to the real smoke is positioned at 1/3 belonging to the back belonging to the box, additionally, the sealing distance is 15mm; That difference around fake cigs and realistic cigarettes is significant.